ARC Advisory Group: Control In The Field Enhances Process Integrity

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New white paper examines business value proposition of FOUNDATION technology

ARC Advisory Group: Control In The Field Enhances Process Integrity
ARC Advisory Group: Control In The Field Enhances Process Integrity

The Fieldbus Foundation, conducting a press briefing at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany, on Wednesday, November 25, announced that a new ARC Advisory Group white paper describes the benefits of control in the field (CIF) with FOUNDATION fieldbus.  According to ARC, a manufacturing research and advisory firm based in Dedham, MA, USA, CIF strategies supported by FOUNDATION technology improve process control performance by allowing for superior reaction to deterministic disturbances in industrial plant operations.

In the white paper, titled “The Business Value Proposition of Control in the Field,” ARC describes the incorporation of a function block structure and other supporting functions in FOUNDATION fieldbus providing a complete automation infrastructure for operational excellence. Embedded control functionality in FOUNDATION devices is one of the key enablers for achieving high availability control and a stepping-stone towards single-loop integrity.

Results from testing and real-world applications demonstrate that control in the field with FOUNDATION technology has the potential to deliver a 30 percent improvement in control performance with very fast, fast and medium-speed process dynamics.  CIF can also provide up to three-times higher control loop availability than a Distributed Control System (DCS).

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