ATX Standard Server Board

Powers numerous applications from industrial servers to edge AI applications

  • ATX Standard Server Board
    ATX Standard Server Board

AAEON announces the official launch of the ARES-WHI0 server board. Powered by the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly Ice Lake-SP), the ARES-WHI0 server board leverages processing performance and expandability to deliver a platform that is powerful and flexible with the scalability to match any application.

The ARES-WHI0 server board is designed to combine industrial reliability and performance with AI capability on a standardized platform. Built on the ATX standard form factor, the ARES-WHI0 server board is powered by the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon SP, delivering the next generation of high-end computing performance and support for vital data integrity and security technologies. The 3rd Generation Xeon SP brings higher processing speeds and Intel® Deep Learning Boost™ technology, allowing for greater acceleration and more efficient processing for AI server applications.

Greater storage capability

The ARES-WHI0 server board comes equipped with three PCIe Gen 4 [x16] slots and one PCIe 3.0 [x8] slot with in [x16] form factor, allowing the board to power up to four GPUs. This support enables the ARES-WHI0 server board to power performance demanding applications from edge AI servers to AI-based visual inspection. Additionally, the ARES-WHI0 server board offers three PCIe 3.0 [x4] slots in [x8] form factor, perfect for frame grabbers, AI accelerators, or for functional add-ons to meet the needs of individual applications.

The ARES-WHI0 server board is built with AAEON’s focus on industrial design, with I/O features including DIO, GPIO and Case Open headers. Additionally, AAEON offers industry-leading service and support to deliver a platform designed for a long service life.

The ARES-WHI0 server board delivers support for greater storage capability, with eight SATA III (6.0 Gbps) ports, with RAID support, as well as NVMe. The board also features support for DDR4 2666 MHz R-DIMM Slot x 6, allowing greater flexibility and storage speeds in data server applications.

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