Auto-ID Solution

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For automatic baggage handling

Automation, Vision & Identification

Auto-ID Solution
Auto-ID Solution

Suitable for baggage tracking at airports, Datalogic’s BHS auto-ID system includes two of the company’s patented technologies. Featuring multiple laser sources and a real time electronic focus, ASTRA provides high reading performance, reliability due to no moving parts, and reading redundancy. Through precise luggage tracking and barcode label’s real time position measurement, PACKTRACK allows high throughput to be achieved by supporting minimum gap between baggage at high speed sorting. An All-in-one mounting kit includes all solution components such as bar code readers, controller, power supply, connection cable, and sensors in an easy mounting single box. Configuration is not needed as all generic parameters are already factory set. A special software routine, AutoPacktrack, calibration, eliminates the need for such mechanical tools as rulers as well as any manual operations. An energy saving function stops the bar code reader’s electrical motor in the case of no parcels running on the conveyor after a defined time.

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