The Secret Lucky Formula

Founded in 1972 by Romano Volta and soon become a leading company in the manufacturing of sensors, Datalogic operates under the principles inspired by Mr. Volta, called the “Volta Formula”. According to Giulio Berzuini, General Manager and Vice Presid

  • Giulio Berzuini, General Manager and Vice President of the Handheld Business Unit at Datalogic
    Giulio Berzuini, General Manager and Vice President of the Handheld Business Unit at Datalogic

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success in exports are distinguished by high and cutting-edge technology. Datalogic defines itself a company "built on innovation". Could you tell us what is Datalogic's philosophy regarding state-of-the-art products design?
Mr. Berzuini: At Datalogic we operate under some key principles created by our founder, Romano Volta, we call it the Volta Formula. The formula is: Always listening to Customers' needs, constantly reaching for innovation and excellence, and sharing this adventure with a team of motivated people. The world changes, but not the ingredients that are needed in order to continue as a successful company. We believe you must be as close to the customer as possible and create an intimate relationship to understand their needs and direction. Also, you need a team of talented and motivated people willing to stretch and bring new innovative products to market.

IEN Europe: What is your most celebrated product range on the international market? How do you explain the reasons of this success?
Mr. Berzuini: Datalogic is synonymous with innovation in the retail arena. We are the global market leader in stationary POS scanners. Datalogic market share is significantly greater than its nearest competitor, over 1.5 times that of its nearest competitor. Over half of all bi-optic scanners sold around the globe are Datalogic. The success of this product can be related back to the Volta Formula. This product has evolved over its over 40 years of development and use based upon constant input from our customers. We have very talented people work to create new technologies that answer the needs of retailers. Datalogic engineers developed the first grocery retail scanner deployed in 1974 that scanned the first bar code in a POS application. Well over one million Datalogic Magellan scanners have been manufactured and its brand is recognized worldwide for high-speed, accuracy, longevity, and value. Datalogic has a group of top flight engineers, product managers, and staff that continue to push the development of the Magellan line. The product line has evolved significantly with the needs of retailers and today the Magellan 9800i and the Magellan 9400i scanners are the industry benchmarks for full digital imaging retail scanners. Our retail leadership is seen throughout retail. The PowerScan™ industrial scanner is the world's best-selling rugged handheld device. It is used by many DIY and home improvement retailers at thousands of checkouts lanes. In retail operations where products are managed on the shelf or in the stock room the Datalogic Skorpio™ and Falcon™ mobile computers are a fixture. These devices have industry leading ergonomics and technology that maximize operational efficiency while providing an intuitive and user friendly experience. Finally, in the area of store automation the Datalogic Joya™ provides retailers with unmatched flexibility. Joya can be used for self-shopping, queue busting, gift registry, product management, and much more. It is the quintessential retail device. As you can see our retail roots are wide, deep, and strong.

IEN Europe: Is Datalogic targeting a specific market, today? Which is the market of the future in your opinion?
Mr. Berzuini: Datalogic is a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets. We are a world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision systems and laser marking systems, offering innovative solutions for a full range of applications in the retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Retail continues to evolve driven by the demands of the digitally connected shopper. Understanding and responding to these demands will remain a key business challenge for retailers around the globe. Datalogic is driving the development of solutions to collect data required by predictive analytic systems that will allow retailers to better predict shoppers behavior. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing verticals in IT and this market poses unique challenges in manufacturing; together these attributes make Datalogic uniquely positioned to provide solutions and grow. Healthcare is not only for Hospitals, but Home Health, Medical Device Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution; all sectors where our technology, innovation, and experience is strong. Datalogic continues to invest in resources in healthcare for the development of products and the increase of our brand awareness.