5 MP USB-Autofocus Camera

Small camera, available in a practical starter set

  • 5 MP USB-Autofocus Camera
    5 MP USB-Autofocus Camera

The new uEye XS from IDS Imaging Development Systems weighs just 12 grams and, at just 26.4 x 23 x 21.7 mm, fits into almost any application. Thanks to its autofocus and 5MP CMOS sensor, it delivers consistently sharp images and video from a distance of just 10cm. It can be used in hand-held scanners, robotic arms or passport photo machines, for example. The uEye XS starter kit is ideal for testing the camera. In addition to the compact USB2 camera, it includes a cable, tripod adapter and tripod.

SDK available

When the distance between the lens and the object is constantly changing, users benefit from industrial cameras with autofocus. They eliminate the need for manual refocusing and ensure that objects or labels are always perfectly visible. However, image quality depends on other factors as well, such as natural colour reproduction and harmonious contrast. IDS has therefore equipped the uEye XS with many other practical automatic features familiar from consumer technology. These include white balance, exposure and gain. The result is the best possible result in every situation. The SDK (IDS Software Suite) allows users to fine-tune the settings.

Thanks to its small size and proven USB2 interface, the uEye XS camera is suitable as a component in embedded vision systems. For example, it can be used in medical or security applications, in transport and logistics or in kiosk systems.