Multi-camera System

Includes eight USB 3.0 industrial cameras

  • Multi-camera System
    Multi-camera System

Each available with newly developed USB 3 uEye CP cameras equipped with a highly sensitive 1.3 Mpixel e2v sensor delivering 25 fps, this multi-camera system from IDS Imaging Development Systems features a total data rate of 250 MB/s, transferred via a single USB 3.0 cable to the host PC, keeping CPU load to 20%. In addition to common industrial applications, it can also be used in multi-camera and 3D systems, previously associated with more expensive solutions integrating either Camera Link or Firewire. Housed in a compact 29x29x29mm lightweight and robust magnesium casing, the cameras offer trigger, flash, and PWM as well as two GPIOs, which can be converted into such serial ports as RS-232 to trigger peripheral devices. Due to lockable micro USB 3.0 and Hirose connectors the camera is fit for use in rough environments: With a mere 1W power consumption it can easily be integrated into Brightness corrections are realized by a 12-bit lookup table and hardware gamma. Furthermore, a 12-bit color depth offers a by factor 16 increased level of detail compared to the usual 8 bit. Hardware based data preprocessing and color calculation saves additional PC resources. The family will initially be offered with 1.3 Mpixel e2v sensor, as well as a WVGA and a 5 Mpixel sensor from Aptina. The new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface offers 400 MB/s data rate. Supporting all common operating systems, the software package allows mixed operation of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and GigE cameras.

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