GigE Industrial Camera

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With CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor

Vision & Identification

GigE Industrial Camera
GigE Industrial Camera

IDS expands its robust Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera series GigE uEye FA: after the first models with sensors from Sony, six new camera variants with CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor broaden the portfolio. The GigE camera is also offered with the 1.31megapixel global shutter sensor PYTHON 1300 and with the cost-effective 4.92megapixel CMOS sensor MT9P006STC or rather MT9P031STM. All new models of the GigE industrial camera are available as color or monochrome version and can be ordered either with IDS Software Suite or GigE Vision firmware. The cameras are “powered over Ethernet” and particularly developed for the factory automation, e.g. for robot plant construction and mechanical engineering.

Features and design

Housing, lens barrels, connectors and cables of the GigE uEye FA family fulfill the prerequisites for protection code IP65/67. The new camera model UI-5130FA with the global shutter sensor PHYTON 500 from ON Semiconductor (SVGA 800 x 600 pixel) is designed entirely with speed in mind. It achieves a frame rate of 205 images per second, but thanks to its horizontal and vertical read-out feature, the image reading rate can be further increased. The Gigabit Ethernet camera is perfectly suited to classic machine vision and inspection tasks. The FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise) correction feature implemented via the IDS software provides an improved, stripe-free image quality.

Functions and applications

The model UI-5140FA with the 1.31 megapixel global shutter sensor PYTHON 1300 is the ideal choice for capturing moving objects in industrial applications. The sensor's large, light-sensitive pixels in conjunction with the FPN correction feature produce excellent, stripe-free images. Additional functions such as eight times multi AOI, a line scan mode, or HDR mode with knee points make this industrial camera a versatile “eye” for machine vision. The camera's frame rate of 88 fps can also be increased, thanks to the horizontal and vertical read-out feature.

High light sensitivity

The GigE camera UI-5580FA is fitted with the 4.92 megapixel CMOS sensor MT9P006STC. The ½” sensor delivers a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels as well as rolling and global start shutter features. It’s extremely high light sensitivity makes it - as well as the monochrome equivalent MT9P031STM integrated in the new model UI-5480FA - an affordable alternative to many CCD sensors currently available on the market and particularly suitable for applications that require maximum precision in color rendering and crystal clear image quality.

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