USB 3.0 Camera

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Delivers 141 fps at full resolution

Vision & Identification

USB 3.0 Camera
USB 3.0 Camera

IDS extends its USB 3 uEye CP camera family with three models. The newest generation of CMOSIS' 2.2 MP CMOS sensor provides high image quality and accuracy even under adverse lighting conditions. Combined with the USB 3.0 interface the camera delivers 141 fps at full resolution (2048 x 1088 pixel). A triggered line scan mode allows to capture up to 8000 fps. The new cameras are available as a mono, color and NIR versions. With its multitude of extra functions, such as Multi AOI (8), its fast trigger mode and global shutter the new camera is good for highly demanding applications within the automotive and machine vision industries and ITS. A line scan feature with scan rates of up to 8 kHz makes this camera equally suited for high-speed web inspection tasks in textile or print industries.

Posted on November 18, 2013 - (724 views)
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Dimbacher Straße 6-8
74182 Obersulm - Germany
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