New Functions for Vision Sensor

Software Update enhances applicational possibilities

  • New Functions for Vision Sensor
    New Functions for Vision Sensor

SensoPart introduces the latest software update for its VISOR® series. With this free update top-notch features for precise contour checks and individual markings, previously only available in significantly more expensive and complex vision systems are available to users. 

The "Contour Check" detector allows for the precise comparison of object contours with a previously taught reference contour, ensuring fast and reliable error detection. This significantly contributes to improving production quality and reducing waste. The detector is applicable across a wide range of industrial applications - from plastics processing and metalworking to assembly technology.

The new "Individual Overlays" function enables VISOR® users to display relevant information and results directly in the image. For instance, it allows for coloring based on the result, which can be easily set up with just a few clicks. The immediate visualization of all essential data facilitates system maintenance and promotes rapid error detection and correction. Additionally, the function enhances transparency in the production process, leading to greater overall acceptance.

New functions for measurement applications and enhanced safety

The release also includes expanded result processing functions, including new operators for robotics applications and new measurement functions. These new functions make it easier to solve measurement tasks precisely and simply with the VISOR®. It is now possible to accurately assign lines to the objects captured in the image and calculate distances to lines as well as intersections between the detected lines. Another highlight is the newly introduced device password protection, meeting the security requirements of an increasingly connected production environment. This protection mechanism ensures that only authorized users have access to device settings, thus protecting against unwanted access and cyber threats.

Simple Setup, Outstanding Results

The software upgrade 2.10 is now available for download for both existing and new users of the VISOR® series. With its enhanced features and improvements, SensoPart once again sets an industry standard and reaffirms its role as an innovation leader in the field of industrial image processing, emphasizing its commitment to making advanced technologies accessible.