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Unifies PLC, IT, and motion functionalities


Automation Solution
Automation Solution

Constituting the fourth pillar of the MachineStruxure solution package for machinery applications, PacDrive 3 system from Schneider Electric unifies PLC, IT, and motion functionalities on a single platform. The use of SERCOS III gives the system a powerful, internationally accepted, Ethernet-based bus solution that also offers integrated safety communication. Corresponding safety controllers as well as components for creating safe I/O systems are already available. With the imminent introduction of integrated ILM series servo drives as a counterpart to the highly successful iSH drives from the previous PacDrive M generation, the PacDrive 3 system will be enhanced to include all key components for innovative automation solutions with up to 99 servo axes or up to 30 robots. The MachineStruxure includes the Modicon, Altivar, and Magelis series controller families and can be used in a variety of filling and packaging machines, as well as feeding and handling tasks based upon classic PLC designs, either with or without positioning and servo applications. The extensive portfolio of automation components and electrical equipment offered by the company provides a framework for complete system solutions for all controllers. Machine builders can use the same peripherals for both PLC-controlled machines and robot-assisted, high-performance systems. The idea of shared utility is also consistently reflected in SoMachine, the engineering workbench for MachineStruxure. SoMachine includes all of the tools necessary for the engineering, commissioning, and servicing of automation solutions based upon MachineStruxure. The company offers machine builders the wide range of engineering and simulation tools, well-engineered hardware and software products, and appropriate measurement technology that they need to develop energy-efficient machinery. It also offers consulting services to help its customers explore options for maximizing energy efficiency in their machine designs.

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Posted on April 7, 2011 - (2205 views)
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