Autonomous Transport System

Safe and robust navigation in mixed operation

  • April 13, 2022
  • Autonomous Transport System
    Autonomous Transport System

The ActiveShuttle autonomous transport system from Bosch Rexroth is already making the transition to the factory of the future possible nowadays. It transports dollies that are loaded with Small Load Carriers (SLC) through the factory with a high degree of flexibility and safety. The dollies are loaded and unloaded fully automatically with the help of an integrated lifting platform that takes into account the logistical requirements. In addition, the ActiveShuttle can be used to implement a wide range of transport concepts - from cyclic transports to consumption-based material supply. The autonomous transport system can be quickly and easily integrated into intralogistics via Plug & Go, without having to adapt the factory's existing infrastructure.

Transportation has already been extensively tested in eight plants

The certified safety laser scanners in conjunction with the ActiveShuttle Management System ensure completely safe and robust navigation in mixed operation. Even when other transport vehicles are in use at the same time and when people are present, the vehicle fits seamlessly into the busy intralogistics environment. Changes in the transport environment are not a problem for the ActiveShuttle thanks to automatic map updates.

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