Autonomous Transport System

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An upgrade to intralogistics 4.0 through a smart AGV

Industry 4.0

ActiveShuttle: the smart AGV for intralogistics 4.0
ActiveShuttle: the smart AGV for intralogistics 4.0

More and more personalized products, increasing diversity of components, and fluctuating quantities to produce: intralogistics is strongly impacted by competitive pressure. While AGVs provide intralogistics the flexibility and transparency it needs, the Bosch Rexroth ActiveShuttle brings it into the 4.0 era.

Plug & Go, Safe Transit

ActiveShuttle is a smart AGV which integrates into intralogistics quickly and easily, without the need to adapt existing infrastructure. Equipped with a double front-rear laser scanner, it uses existing markers, thus eliminating the need for continuous marking on the ground. An initialisation phase is enough for it to map its working environment. 

Fast and very compact, ActiveShuttle can bypass obstacles in its travel area. It is designed for use in mixed man/machine mode 24/7 and meets safety standards: its laser scanner is type 3, SIL2, PLd performance level.

Improved efficiency and optimised flow management 

Automatic mapping updates based on Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) technology enable AGVs in the same fleet to prioritise the shortest routes, regardless of the logistics, cyclical, or on-demand scenario. They automatically adapt to the movement of other types of vehicle as well as to any human presence. The AMS (ActiveShuttle Management System) management software supports all manual or automatic supply or transport orders, including those from third-party systems through its standard interface. Transport orders are documented, allowing continuous improvement of logistics scenarios.

Automatic loading/unloading, without handling 

No handling is required. Picking up and depositing containers on their rolling base eliminates manual repositioning on production stations as well as in FIFO storage areas. The ActiveShuttle lifting platform is compatible with Euronorm 400 x 400 or 400 x 600 containers and rolling bases. ActiveShuttle can transport up to 260 kg of load, at a speed of 1m/s, with a positioning accuracy of up to 10 mm.

Intralogistics and interconnected production 

Interfacing the AMS management software with Rexroth solutions (workstation connected with ActiveAssist digital assistant, APAS collaborative robot, ActiveCockpit platform) or with third-party systems increases production line supply flexibility. Delivery is generated automatically or on demand.

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Autonomous Transport System

An upgrade to intralogistics 4.0 through a smart AGV

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