Beckhoff Opens Subsidiary in Israel

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Tapping new markets for control technology

Beckhoff Opens Subsidiary in Israel
Beckhoff Opens Subsidiary in Israel

At the beginning of 2011, Beckhoff established a new subsidiary in Airport City near Tel Aviv. This decision was preceded by intensive market observation and customer support in Israel from the German head office over several years. The Israeli market presence is to be strengthened by local sales in addition to technical service and support. Managing Director Assaf Berger is aiming to tap new markets for control technology from Beckhoff in Israel's aspiring economy through intensive marketing.
The Israeli economy is dominated by high-tech companies, wherein the semiconductor industry plays a leading role. A number of "global players" from the high-tech industry maintain research centres in Israel for the development of future technologies, for example the development of electric car concepts, and are contributing to the country's economic growth. Managing Director Assaf Berger sees an expandable market here for control technology from Beckhoff: "Our PC and EtherCAT technology represents a "door opener" in discussions with customers. We have gained several important new customers here and swung project decisions in our favour. In order to strengthen this position further, we need local technical support that is available at short notice.
"In the past four years the Israeli market has been supported directly by the Beckhoff head office in Germany. "We have been recording considerable growth in turnover since 2006," explains Jens-Olaf Brede, Area Sales Manager for Beckhoff in Verl. "PC-based control technology is still relatively unfamiliar in Israel. We therefore intend to enhance our position in the local automation market through intensive marketing, trade fair presentations and product training. Our turnover target by the end of 2012 is 2 million euros."

Posted on August 16, 2011 - (162 views)
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