Bluetooth 5.4 Chip for Industrial Applications

Compact design for small and energy efficient devices

  • Bluetooth 5.4 Chip for Industrial Applications
    Bluetooth 5.4 Chip for Industrial Applications

Responding to the need for products dedicated to the industrial markets, EM Microelectronic raises the bar again by introducing its new em|bleu Bluetooth™ 5.4 chip. A product of Swiss engineering, em|bleu is at the moment probably the smallest and lowest power product of its kind in the market.

Compact design and power efficiency

The em|bleu IC integrates a sleek design with power efficiency in the wireless technology arena. Engineered for peak performance in the most demanding use cases with the smallest footprint, this chip is the ideal solution for seamlessly embedding Bluetooth functionality into even the most size- and power-constrained devices

In the fast growing and very demanding healthcare sector, where consistency and accuracy are essential, em|bleu is meticulously designed to fulfill these requirements. It enables reliable connectivity for a range of health monitoring devices, from blood pressure monitors to glucose tracking systems. It is an ideal solution for healthcare applications transitioning towards an interconnected, patient-focused model of care.

For a broad range of industries

em|bleu also offers effective solutions across multiple other sectors, bringing a blend of energy-efficient features that meet diverse communication needs. For smart home devices, it facilitates consistent and smooth connectivity, adding to the convenience and functionality of home automation. In the field of IoT, its robust RF performance and energy efficiency make it a suitable choice for a variety of devices, from sensors to smart city components. Across these diverse applications, em|bleu is recognized for its balanced approach to size, efficiency, and reliable operation, making it a valuable addition to a wide range of connected devices.

Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity

By incorporating the latest Bluetooth 5.4 standards, the chip further improves the connection reliability, while adding new functionalities that unlock new use cases and increase the value to the end customer.