Brushless DC Motor

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  • Brushless DC Motor
    Brushless DC Motor

Within the family of brushless DC motors, Allied Motion now announces the KinetiMax 32EB-DS, a compact brushless DC motor with a dual output shaft. It is an outer rotor motor and has two identical shafts and two identical bearings capable of handling high side loads on both sides of the motor. The compact 32 mm motor has a continuous output torque of 32 mNm and a 16 W output at a constant speed of 4750 RPM. The high quality components ensure a minimum operating life of 20.000 hours. The integrated drive electronics have a speed set input to adjust the motor speed from 250 to 6000 RPM and comply with relevant EMC standards. Standard protection features include IP54 level protection sealing, thermal overload protection with automatic recovery, and reverse supply voltage protection. Two electrical versions are available. The two-wire version is as simple to control as a DC motor, needing only a DC voltage to operate. The four-wire version is equipped with speed set input (0-5 Volt or PWM) and a tacho output (18 pulses per revolution) for speed monitoring. Apart from the standard editions, the supplier also offers customer specific solutions. Therefore, the motor can be used for small dual head membrane pumps , peristaltic pumps, blower-fans and medical or industrial applications, in which a long operating life is required.

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