Brushless Servo Motor with Drive Controller

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For applications where precision motion and compact packaging are critical

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EC042B IDEA Motor
EC042B IDEA Motor

The EC042B IDEA Motor from Haydon Kerk Pittman is a brushless DC motor specifically designed for real-time embedded motion control and for accurate execution of complex single-axis motion. It integrates a precision brushless servo motor with an IDEA Drive controller in a compact package to reduce design time, wiring needs, and cabinet space. Programmable, it includes motor, drive, and feedback connections in a compact unit. A single motor/drive unit reduces motion system components by up to 75% per axis and simplifies machine troubleshooting, but further reductions can be realized by wiring sensor inputs and control outputs directly to the IDEA Motor.

Great performance with convenience and value

Its free Graphical User Interface immediately generates complex precise motion sequences, and provides an intuitive programming environment to quickly develop, save, and debug complex motion sequences. It integrates RS-485 communication fieldbus ports to program autonomous motion sequences, monitor system status, or stream commands to synchronize motion among multiple motors. The EC042B IDEA Motor is available in three motor lengths, each with optional factory-configurable gearboxes.

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Pittman, AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products
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