Camera Series with CoaxPress-12 Interface

High-end image processing with top frame rates

  • SVS Vistek FXO Camera
    SVS Vistek FXO Camera

CoaXPress is known as one of the most powerful interfaces for machine vision, with cable lengths of up to 40 meters as well as the stable data connection to the camera, the deterministic protocol with the highest transmission rates and the thin cables with the option of powering the camera via the data line. In the current expansion stage CoaXPress-12 (or CoaXPress 2.0), a transmission rate of 12.5 Gbit/s per line is possible, which allows the transmission of the entire bandwidth of the latest Pregius S sensors from Sony with just one line. In addition, the significantly improved upload speed of 41.6 Mbps allows extremely precise camera control via software trigger with a trigger frequency of almost 600 kHz in single trigger message mode, often making hardware triggering and the associated cables unnecessary.

One of the key and underestimated advantage of CoaXPress-12 is the effect of the interface on the image quality: The protocol of this interface is implemented in an extremely efficient way and, for example, generates significantly less heat in the camera compared to 10GigE models. This has a direct impact on the noise behavior of the sensor and thus on the image quality. The CoaXPress-12 models of the FXO camera series from SVS-Vistek can perfectly deliver the extremely high quality of the Pregius S sensors from Sony in terms of noise and homogeneity of the image, right through to image acquisition.

A point of reference for best image quality from high-end industrial cameras on the market

Furthermore, SVS-Vistek´s FXO camera series perfectly combines the advantages of the Pregius S sensors and the CoaXPress-12 interface. Since the high bandwidth of CoaXPress-12 enables operation with an inexpensive single-lane frame grabber in almost all applications, a CoaXPress-12 bundle of camera and frame grabber is comparable in price to a 10GigE solution with a high-quality 10GigE card - CoaXPress-12 is therefore also very attractive economically.

Currently, SVS-Vistek's FXO camera series comprises five models with CoaXPress-12 interface with resolutions from 5 to 24.5 megapixels and frame rates of up to 123 frames/second. As standard, all cameras in this series have industrial features such as C-mount, multi-channel 24V I/Os with logic module, sequencer and an integrated multi-channel strobe controller up to 3 A. With a dynamic range of approximately 70 dB, excellent sensitivity and homogeneity as well as its particularly good noise performance, the FXO series is currently a point of reference for best image quality from high-end industrial cameras on the market.

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