High Resolution Cameras EXO Series

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3 series for high-resolution applications

Automation, Test & Measurement

High Resolution Cameras EXO Series
High Resolution Cameras EXO Series

The EXO cameras series (exo342, exo367, exo387) from SVS-Vistek are high-resolution USB3 models based on the latest generation of Sony’s Pregius 2 CMOS sensors which are extremely light sensitive and provide a high dynamic range. These new cameras have a compact footprint and great picture quality that make them optimal for many high-resolution applications, in the branches of apparatus construction, traffic technology, photogrammetry, surveying, aerial mapping, high-end security technology, and also for inspection of solar panels, wafers and displays.  

A resolution of 31, 19 and 17 megapixels

The EXO cameras have resolutions of 31, 19 and 17 megapixels with large and square pixels of 3.45 µm edge length that are suitable with SVS-Vistek’s lenses, ensuring the right optic for the right application. They enable frame rates of 11.5 images/s, 18.5 images/s and 21.5 images/s at a maximum USB3 bandwidth of 360 MB/s net. Through short image transmission time, they permit saving time for the image to be processed or analyzed and other pictures to be taken.
In addition, the EXO series delivers an integrated 4-channel flash controller, with extensive sequencer functions, a specially milled case and a great temperature management. These features allow to decrease costs as there is no need for an additional device.

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