CC-Link IE TSN in Action

See how CC-Link IE TSN is being used by companies today in the drive to Industry 4.0

  • CC-Link IE TSN in Action
    CC-Link IE TSN in Action

CC-Link IE TSN combines Time-Sensitive Networking with gigabit bandwidth to create open, converged industrial Ethernet architectures that deliver significant business benefits. And with software-based implementation, CC-Link IE TSN enables easy product development and faster time to market. 

  • Simpler network architectures/machine designs
  • Greater process transparency and better management
  • Better integration of OT and IT systems
  • Fast implementation in existing devices

CC-Link IE TSN is already delivering these productivity benefits to support manufacturers in the drive to Industry 4.0. 

See how industrial printing technologies manufacturer Keller has harnessed the power of TSN to deliver next level productivity via deterministic motion control over a multitude of servos. 

CC-Link IE TSN. One network. One solution.