Chemically Resistant Epoxy

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Withstands sulfuric & hydrochloric acid for a year

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Chemically Resistant Epoxy
Chemically Resistant Epoxy

For applications demanding high chemical resistance, especially to acids, fuels, and oils, Master Bond's EP21AR two-component epoxy can withstand harsh, acidic environments, including prolonged immersion in 96-98% sulfuric acid and 36% hydrochloric acid for over a year. With a dielectric strength of 400 volts/mil, the durable and stable epoxy is also a high electrical insulator. Featuring a coefficient of thermal expansion of 45-55 ppm/°C, it is serviceable from -50 to +135°C. It produces high strength, abrasion resistant bonds with a tensile strength over 68.9 MPa, a shear strength exceeding 18.6 MPa, and a compressive strength greater than 96.5 MPa at 24⁰C. The epoxy offers a 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight and a mixed viscosity from 10 to 15 Pa-s. It is 100% reactive with no solvents or diluents and can be applied smoothly in any thickness. This epoxy has a working life of 45 to 55 minutes at ambient temperature for a 200 gram batch, and cures at room temperature or faster at elevated temperatures. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics, cements, vulcanized rubbers, wood and many plastics.

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Master Bond Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds and impregnation resins. Our line of products consists of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, polyamides and latex systems.

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