Combined Clutch-Coupling

compensates for misalignment

  • Combined Clutch-Coupling
    Combined Clutch-Coupling

Huco Dynatork's Oldham clutch-coupling offers system protection and misalignment compensation in one, compact device. The lateral offset coupling is precision engineered throughout and comprises two hubs with inward facing tenons.  These engage with matching slots spaced at 90° in a central lightweight torque disc. As the coupling rotates, the disc compensates for any parallel shaft offset by sliding the commensurate distance along each tenon in turn.

Quality of motion is a function of the carefully controlled relationship between the tenons and the torque disc. The disc is precision moulded from high grade engineering polymers and, being easily replaced at low cost, is the sacrificial element in the drive train; radiation and heat resistant torque discs are also available.

If severely overloaded the torque disc will break, acting as a mechanical fuse, thereby protecting associated equipment from damage.  A replacement torque disc quickly restores the drive without the need to dismantle the drive system.
The clutch-coupling combines the ability of the Oldham to compensate for angular and radial misalignment with a slip clutch mechanism that maintains constant tension with no sudden shocks to damage fragile products. As well as tension control the clutch provides repeatable cushioned torque for protection during overload.

Seven sizes complete this new range with bores from 12 to 30mm and torque up to 56Nm. Fixed torque versions are also available to order.