Compact Fanless Frame Grabbers

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Pack power in a low profile PCIe card design

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Compact Fanless Frame Grabbers
Compact Fanless Frame Grabbers

Euresys expands its CXP-12 frame grabber range with the compact and fanless Coaxlink Mono CXP-12 and the Coaxlink Duo CXP-12. These one- and two-connection CoaXPress 2.0 frame grabbers complement the four-connection Coaxlink Quad CXP-12. They pack a great amount of power in a low-profile PCIe card design. Indeed, a single CXP-12 connection delivers more bandwidth than Camera Link Full. The Coaxlink CXP-12 range can support 40-meter cables just using standard coaxial cables.

An upgrade for most applications

The Coaxlink Mono CXP-12 features a connection of 1,250 MB/s camera bandwidth, while the Coaxlink Duo CXP-12 has connections of 2,500 MB/s camera bandwidth. Both come with PCIe 3.0 (Gen3) x4 bus (3,300 MB/s bus bandwidth), a passive and fanless heatsink, a set of 10 digital I/O lines, extensive camera control functions and memento event logging tool.

Posted on November 13, 2019 - (324 views)
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Euresys is a major player in the field of machine vision and video-surveillance, developing and marketing high-performance products and services for image acquisition and computer vision. For industrial machine vision applications, Euresys provides a wide series of innovative and high-performance image acquisition boards for analog and digital Camera Link image acquisition. These boards include the features required for a convenient and precise industrial acquisition: asynchronous reset support, exposure control, synchronization, I/O lines (trigger & strobe), …. Euresys software products include Open eVision, a complete set of robust and powerful image analysis tools for industrial machine vision applications. It consists of functional libraries for sub-pixel measurement, industrial pattern matching, color inspection, blob analysis, image processing, OCV / OCR, Barcode and 2D code reading.

For high-end video surveillance applications, Euresys develops and markets the Picolo video capture cards including H.264 compression cards for DVRs, monitoring, traffic and mobile surveillance applications such as trains, busses and police vehicles.

Established in 1989, Euresys has built on a strong experience in video surveillance and machine vision, offering dedicated and efficient solutions for OEMs.

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