Compact IO-Link Master Modules

With 8 multifunctional master ports

  • Compact IO-Link Master Modules
    Compact IO-Link Master Modules

Murrelektronik provides the MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro Compact IO-Link master modules with eight multifunctional master ports. They are among the most intelligent way to connect IO-Link devices. IP67 rated fieldbus modules are an important component in decentralized instal­lations. They replace complexly wired and expensive terminal boxes.

Combine these modules with Murrelektronik's selection of IO-Link hubs and analog converters to increase your flexibility while minimizing hardware costs

In addition to pure process data (I/Os), the new Pro modules also provide secondary extended diagnostic data (voltage, current and temperature values) for both the respective ports and the entire module. This allows anomalies to be detected and the actual process to be optimized via data analysis. With the help of OPC UA, this can be done completely without a controller using a standard protocol. One module serves for everything: each port can be used as input or output for IO-Link, digital or analog signals. The intelligent supply voltage switches at pin 2 and 4 - with actuator supply for DOs and sensor supply for DIs, with up to 4 A per port (up to 2 A each at pin 2 and 4).

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