Complete Specialist AI Package with Interfaces and Sensor Technology

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Symate and Pepperl+Fuchs partner to develop a new solution including specialist functions for automate process analysis and optimization

Artificial Intelligence

Pepperl+Fuchs' IO-Link masters provide the perfect connection between the hardware and the Detact® AI system from Symate
Pepperl+Fuchs' IO-Link masters provide the perfect connection between the hardware and the Detact® AI system from Symate
David Haferkorn, Symate GmbH
David Haferkorn, Symate GmbH
Daniel Möst, Pepperl+Fuchs SE
Daniel Möst, Pepperl+Fuchs SE

Symate, a specialist in optimizing manufacturing processes using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, has combined its expertise with Pepperl+Fuchs. They aim to create an integrated specialist solution for the automated analysis and optimization of industrial manufacturing processes and quality characteristics. This will provide users a broad choice of functions and perfectly coordinated hardware and software components. Moreover, it symbolizes a strategic milestone for Symate which is closer to achieving its goal of creating a central AI platform for industrial production. 

As part of a pilot project, Symate is currently testing Pepperl+Fuchs hardware components and connecting them to the Detact® AI system. This represents the basis for a perfectly coordinated package that offers both companies' customers a significantly wider range of functions for automating manufacturing processes.

A win-win solution for everyone involved

Pepperl+Fuchs can receive valuable feedback from ongoing processes and clearly visualize the data from its own sensors, while Symate is significantly closer to its strategic goal of developing Detact® into a central, holistic AI platform for the processing industry.

David Haferkorn, the Product Manager responsible for this project at Symate GmbH, explained: "Our AI system detects and analyzes many different parameters. To process this data quickly and reliably at any time, we require highly reliable hardware components that provide very detailed information. Although we can integrate almost any source of data into Detact®, the quality of the data provided is not always suitable for comprehensive, automated AI analysis. Therefore, we must often make adjustments or install additional sensors. In Pepperl+Fuchs we have found an automation technology expert that can really support us in selecting the right hardware. Now, from day one, we can offer our customers reliable hardware components that can be perfectly coordinated with our software and integrate specialist functions based on the data set available from Pepperl+Fuchs."

Daniel Möst, New Business Development at Pepperl+Fuchs, added: "With Symate, we would like to combine our expertise in sensor technology with the artificial intelligence of Detact®. From our perspective, this is a perfect match for future-oriented business models. At Pepperl+Fuchs, we are already experiencing completely new scenarios when we link the data from our sensors with Detact® and visualize it clearly. Currently, various industrial sensors with IO-Link interfaces, RFID components, IO-Link masters, and the associated connection technology are being used in the test phase at Symate. Once we use the sensor technology in a "real" plant, we will be able to gain further practical experience and develop a perfect solution for industrial applications. We are very excited about that."

Posted on September 17, 2020 - (307 views)
Pepperl + Fuchs SE
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