VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensors

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Flexible vision tool set in only one camera

Sensor Technology, Vision & Identification

VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensors
VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensors

The VOS 2-D universal vision sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs provide a comprehensive vision tool set tailored for a wide range of applications in only one camera. The flexible vision tool set with standardized connections consists of sensors, illuminations, and lenses. To master any application requirement, the tools can be easily combined or parameterized into one job. Moreover, the VOS sensor series offers the possibility of setting a variety of jobs in the camera. Providing fast and reliable measurement data, the vision sensors with integrated evaluation stand for precise quality control with equally low susceptibility to errors.

For this purpose, Pepperl+Fuchs offers three different housing designs for measuring distances from 0 to 1000 mm and different illumination scenarios: the VOS1000, the VOS2000, and the VOS5000. This way, the VOS 2-D vision sensors offer the perfect solution for every vision task—whether it’s positioning and guidance, optical gauging and identification, or text recognition (OCR).

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