SmartRunner Explorer 3-D Sensors

Infinite Possibilities

  • SmartRunner Explorer 3-D Sensors
    SmartRunner Explorer 3-D Sensors

The new SmartRunner Explorer 3-D sensors deliver high-precision 3-D point cloud images in addition to 2-D images and therefore achieve a more detailed representation of objects. 

The sensors are available with stereo vision technology or time-of-flight (ToF) technology and are ideally suited for goods inspection on conveyor belts or pick-and-place applications in robotics. Sensors with stereo vision technology are optimal for applications with short detection ranges while sensors with ToF technology precisely solve dynamic applications with larger detection ranges.

The sensors of the SmartRunner Explorer 3-D series are all configured using the innovative Pepperl+Fuchs software ViSolution.

The free software tool provides users with an intuitive user interface for integrating, monitoring, and maintaining all SmartRunner 2-D and 3-D sensors.