Compressor Controller

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reduces compressed air costs by 30%

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Compressor Controller
Compressor Controller

The new Elektronikon graphical display controller and the integrated Energy Saving (ES) Systems ES4/6i from Atlas Copco Compressors, are contributors to further increasing compressed air efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs. In addition, free online visualization enables remote monitoring, allowing for anticipation of operating and maintenance needs. The controller is a colour display, housed on the compressor, that shows several compressor and dryer parameters while built-in algorithms automatically implement energy saving cycles for both fan and dryer. Additional features such as dual pressure band and timer-based controls enable to maximize energy savings by matching the operating pressure to air demand. This oil-injected screw compressor with its efficient components (compressor element, coolers, motor), provides premium performance both in free air delivery and specific energy requirement.

Posted on September 1, 2009 - (223 views)
Atlas Copco Compressors Ltd
Swallowdale Lane
HP2 7HA Hemel Hempstead - United Kingdom
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