Concealed Hinge

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for nested door applications

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Concealed Hinge
Concealed Hinge

Designed by DIRAK specifically for nested door applications, the 4-393 Concealed Hinge Pr02 120⁰ provides a simple, cost effective hinge solution. It does not require installation hardware for mounting. A simple clip-in process requires only one hole cut-out in the door and one hole cut-out in the frame through which the hinge slides for a secure fit. Cabinet door can be easily removed by pulling on one of the internal, spring-loaded, retractable pins. The door is then easily lifted off the frame for access into the cabinet. To re-attach the door the user simply needs to pull on the retractable pin, place the second hinge pin in the hole cut-out in the frame, slide the door in place and release the pin. The door is then properly mounted. The hinge can be used on both left and right hand door applications. When the door is closed, the hinge is completely concealed within the interior of the cabinet application, providing a clean external appearance. The 120° opening angle allows for easy access to the interior of the application.

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