Crimpers with control unit

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With a press force of 6000 kN and an opening diameter of 580 mm, these crimpers combine high productivity, high quality and long service life

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

HM 665 crimper produced by Uniflex
HM 665 crimper produced by Uniflex

Uniflex, developer, producer and marketer of systems for production and machining hose, presents HM 665, a range of crimpers with Control C.2, a costum-made control unit by Uniflex.

Crimpers with high productivity, high quality and long service life

HM665 combines high productivity and quality with good ergonomics and a long service life. Thanks to an opening diameter without dies of 580 mm, the HM 665 can be used to crimp industrial hoses up to 12" with ANSI flanges and pipe fittings up to 16" without removing the dies. The fixed 6-o'clock die and the 250 mm long bottom die make workpiece positioning easy. Apart from hydraulic hoses, the machine can be used to join reinforcing steel, steel cables, ropes and insulators with press forces up to 6000 kN. The HM 665 is controlled through the tried and tested Control C.2, a bespoke control unit of Uniflex.

Posted on October 3, 2018 - (275 views)
Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH
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61184 Karben - Germany
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