CWIEME 2012 – 4 Exhibitions across 3 Continents

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Trade show will be held in Shenzen, Berlin, Chicago and Bangalore

CWIEME 2012 – 4 Exhibitions across 3 Continents
CWIEME 2012 – 4 Exhibitions across 3 Continents

CWIEME SHENZHEN 2012 will take place in conjunction with the China Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2012 - 28th to 31st March) hosted by the Shenzhen Dandilai Convention & Exhibition Co. Ltd. Both trade shows will work to complement one another, providing an a broader platform for new technologies, products, and sources of customers for South China's manufacturing industry.
The World's Largest Coil Winding Exhibition will be held from 26th to 28th June 2012 in Berlin. The show already looks set to surpass the success of the 2011 exhibition.
CWIEME Chicago will take place in September 2012. The Coil Winding Industry within the USA is not as strong as it once was. This, coupled with the fact that various other US Shows in the Coil Winding Industry have eroded, the confidence that American companies have in American Coil Winding Exhibitions means that there is just not the industry to support a successful annual Coil Winding Exhibition that will grow year on year. CWIEME havet herefore decided to make their Chicago Exhibition a biennial one.
The next Exhibition in India will take place in November 2012 in Bangalore. Not having the trade show in 2011 due to a disappointing exhibition in 2010, it will the resume being a yearly exhibition.

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