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Motive's website has been developed to a level that permits it to grant to clients and designers a helpful service: The motors datasheet creator on permits to select freely the standard and special features of the desired motor, in any voltage, size and shape, and then to download from website a PDF document that, in several pages, shows the drawing, the performance, the technical data, the test reports and all the certifications. It's a helpful attachment for any offer. The final test report downloader permits to trace and print all the final test data and diagram of each motive motor or gearbox, starting from its serial number. All products are all tested one-by-one. This certificate is also useful to complete the technical file of a machine in accordance to the European Directives. On the same website, users can find further services like the 2D and 3D drawings download area, the motors type test report download area, and the clients reserved area in which one can check the goods ready to be shipped, its own net prices and eventually send its orders.

Posted on October 28, 2013 - (1185 views)
Motive Srl
Via Le Ghiselle 20
25014 Castenedolo - Italy
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Motive designs and manufactures innovative electrical motors, mechanical gearboxes and Variable Frequency Drives. Each product offers those "motive-ations" that make the difference.

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