With removable keypad

  • Inverter

With NEO-WiFi, Motive has launched an inverter that can be used in place of chokes such or shutters or valves. It cancels the need for cables and cabinets, the study, the installation, the wiring, and the testing of the motor+inverter system, as well as the risks associated with possible errors. It does not take up space. Programming is very easy. The keypad of the inverter is removable, can operate remotely over wireless and can be placed up to 20 meters away, without wiring or the need for cables. It does not need wiring because it is supplied by induction when placed in its housing on the motor or in the "BLOCK" device, or fed by rechargeable lithium batteries. For example, one might install a ceiling fan with this drive and control it from wherever he wants. The device is operated by using a red button, a green one, a left-zero-right switch and a control knob. The inverter is IP65, its keypad is IP67.

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