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    Motor Inverter

The purpose of an integrated motor inverter is to save time and reduce costs in the study, installation, wiring, programming and testing of the motor + inverter system, as well as the dangers due to errors associated with these operations. However, in the past there were factors that limited the availability of motor-inverters: the degree of protection that was needed (motors can be installed out in the open, while inverters could not) and the fact that the motor-inverter, and therefore its keypad, remain removed from whoever is commanding it (imagine, for example, a ventilator that is on a roof). Motive has solved both problems with NEOWiFi, patented, easy to use, IP65 (Ill. 2), with removable control panel, remotable wireless, powered by induction (Ill. 1) when placed in its housing on the motor or by lithium rechargeable batteries (Ill.14). While possessing the most advanced features of the other inverters, the product is designed as a user-friendly turnkey integrated system, with all parts, motor, inverter and control designed for outdoor use, and with standard remote control. The manufacturers of pumps, fans, and other machines can thus offer a finished "plugin" product, without delegating risky and costly installations to their customers. Users need only to insert the plug, wherever it is installed, and decide if they want to bring the keypad with them.

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