Device for energy efficiency measurement

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composed of a hardware part and a software component for data processing

Device for energy efficiency measurement
Device for energy efficiency measurement

ZEM, which stands for Zucchetti Energy Management, is a system composed of a hardware part and a software component for data processing, which represents an innovative service for energy efficiency measurement and accounting and for monitoring the environmental quality, within buildings, according to the parameters imposed by sustainable construction principles.

The various types of sensors (electricity, calorie, and flow meters) will be installed on electrical panels, plants and in various work environments for the analytical accounting of consumption data. By using electronic control units, the collected data are transmitted to a remote server that manages them via web and processes them thanks to specific algorithms in order to verify the consistency between bills and actual consumptions, identifying consumption peaks and planning interventions for energy efficiency, and also in order to perform the appliance remote control diagnosis in order to check possible malfunctions.

ZEM also allows configuring devices, which are able to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, luminosity, solar radiation: these are called custom Energy Drivers and are used for the control of air quality and of the comfort conditions inside the building.

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