Digital Ecosystem Through Machine Data & Digitalized Service Process

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A network of industrial IoT for innovative business models

Industry 4.0

Digital Ecosystem focus on high customer benefit
Digital Ecosystem focus on high customer benefit

In the industrial environment, data-driven business models are increasingly replacing the centered view of the product. This requires new ways of thinking and innovative, intelligent solutions based on transparency and new ways of collaboration. The digital ecosystem of KEB Automation forms a network of “Industrial IoT” with a cloud connection in combination with a digital platform that grants access to data and information. One significant use case in this context is operational excellence in service and maintenance. Operator models for machines and plants require maintenance concepts not only for the implementation of classic maintenance intervals and tasks.

An enabler of cross-company scalability of service

Rather, a combination of different knowledge sources – such as customer production plans, actual usage and sensor measurements of operation and wear – is necessary. KEB’s databased services focus on high customer benefit and solution orientation along the entire value chain. For example, the provision of digitized service knowledge on a platform is intended to enable cross-company scalability of service as well as building the basis for digital service offerings to end-customers.

Posted on February 3, 2021 - (575 views)
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