Servo Controller for Safe Positioning

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Achieves safety functions without an encoder

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Servo Drive COMBIVERT S6 PRO with encoderless safety functions from KEB Automation
Servo Drive COMBIVERT S6 PRO with encoderless safety functions from KEB Automation

To fulfill the need for safety functions in regard with the safe operation of machines such as functions to limit speeds, directions of rotation or axes positions, KEB Automation released the new device variant PRO of the Servo Drive COMBIVERT S6. This servo drive supports the implementation of encoderless safety, to achieve safe solutions, for example in applications where no encoder signal is necessary or possible.

Encoderless safety functions in the drive: more individual machine concepts and cost-effective possibilities for simple motion monitoring

Modern, compact and flexible, the COMBIVERT S6 is suitable for a rated current of 2.6 A to 12 A, in two housing sizes. The direct mains connection is available for 230 V and 400 V. It offers maximum performance to meet extended requirements for capacity, communication and integrated safety. The safe configuration is carried out with the certified Safety Editor, which is integrated in the COMBIVIS 6 software tool.

Posted on February 24, 2020 - (519 views)
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