Research Project on Digital Twins

Helps the improvement of process reliability

  • Research Project on Digital Twins
    Research Project on Digital Twins

KEB Automation cooperates with partners from science and industry in a research project. One topic is researching the most different facets of digital twins. Especially the energetic aspects are important, for example an ideal energetic design and the optimization of energy consumption. With the help of simulation models KEB wants to offer customers the possibility to simulate the behavior of a machine, e.g. of a drive axis, as realistically as possible already in the planning phase

Digital twins from different manufacturers often do not have the necessary interoperability

In this way, the energy consumption of a drive axis at certain operating points can be precisely predetermined. The models also enable customers to develop and test large parts of the machine control system even before the actual commissioning. This so-called virtual commissioning offers great potential for time and cost savings during later real commissioning and the improvement of quality and process reliability through error simulations.

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