Digital ORT Torque Sensors

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Fit for applications requiring low torque and/or high bandwidth

Sensor Technology

Digital ORT Torque Sensors
Digital ORT Torque Sensors

Sensor Technology’s digital ORT 230/240 series will replace the E200 ORT. Ideally suited for applications that require low torque and/or high bandwidth, the ORT 230/240 devices provide precise and dynamic measurements of rotary and static torque of less than 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz. 


TorqSense 230 ORT series provides fixed voltage or current analogue outputs, one for torque and the other for speed or power. The 240 ORT series provides user-selectable or current analogue outputs, one for torque and the other for either speed, power or peak torque. Additionally, the 240 ORT series also presents digital outputs including RS232 and CANbus and can connect up to 10 transducers via USB. 

Both versions also offer self-diagnostics and Sensor Technology’s own TorqView, an easy-to-use monitoring software for Windows PC that provides real-time chart plotting and allows customization. 

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