Electricity Generators From Tidal Streams

Enable predictable energy output

  • Electricity Generators From Tidal Streams
    Electricity Generators From Tidal Streams

Sensor Technology provides non-contact torque sensors. They work as tidal turbines to generate electricity from tidal streams and use a novel sensor based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology. The non-contact torque sensor is in depths therefore invisible, making no noise and having no possible hazard when shipping. The energy output is predictable due to the depths and the predictable tides with no vagaries in the weather, making an important difference compared to other renewable energy sources.

TorqSense technology and TorqView software

To determine the variance of frictional forces with different loads and rational speed, OpenHydro uses the TorqSense RWT420 series sensor’s technology. The transducer operates as a frequency-dependent strain gauge for an easy execution in couple signals wirelessly. The TorqSense sensor can be used on a rotating shaft, providing continuously data. Furthermore, OpenHydro uses the RWT420 sensor in conjunction with TorqView software, offering a choice of dial, digital bar and chart graph format display for Torque, RPM, temperature and power. Finally, it also provides facilities for real-time plotting and data recording and can output stored results as files that are compatible with Matlab and Excel.

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