Digital Pressure Sensor Modules

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With SPI or I2C interface up to 20MHz

Sensor Technology

Digital Pressure Sensor Modules
Digital Pressure Sensor Modules

Measurement Specialties is set to release to production its new MS45x5HRD high resolution, digital pressure sensor modules. These sensors are a new generation of high resolution digital pressure sensors with SPI or I2C interface up to 20MHz. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor and an ultra low power 24-bit ΔΣ ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides a precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature value and different operation modes that allow the user to optimize for conversion speed and current consumption. A high resolution temperature output allows the implementation of a thermometer function without any additional sensor. The module can be interfaced to virtually any microcontroller. The communication protocol is simple, without the need of programming internal registers in the device. With pressure ranging from 0 to 30inH2O (MS4515HRD) and 0 to 150psi (MS4525HRD), these sensors operate within -10 to +85°C temperature compensation and 1.8 to 3.6V supply voltage.

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