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For foil, plastic, and metal labels


Digital printer
Digital printer

CONTA-CLIP introduces FMScolor, a digital color printer for labeling devices, components, and machines that provides durable, photorealistic printing results. It accepts all kinds of label formats and various materials and is very efficient.

Combining the functionalities of plotters and inkjet printers in one device, FMScolor can label almost any card format. At 300 x 500 mm, the printing format is larger than DIN A3. Users can achieve a maximum printing height of 10 mm by changing a mechanical setting. The standard setting admits up to five polyamide 6.6 Maxicards with up to 1,000 markers or four aluminum or polyester sheets. Using holding frames, other formats and materials are also possible.

The printer qualifies as an economic alternative to engraving metal plates or markers. Precision and a range of eight colors – CMYK plus four light colors – result in quality color and black prints. For lasting, resilient ink fixation, the printed material is heated in a thermal unit also available. Before thermal hardening, the eco-friendly, water-based inks can be simply wiped from the carrier material. This reduces unnecessary material wastage for test prints.

Even though the special inks are ecologically sound, they have a high level of chemical and alkali resistance once they have undergone thermal hardening. They withstand UV light and are smudge-proof and abrasion-resistant. A wide range of plastic and aluminum markers made of certified materials are offered, which ensure optimal prints while resisting lubricants, oils, detergents, acetone, sunlight, dry cleaning, steam cleaners, high pressure cleaners, and sparks. The special FMScolor inks are available in refill kits. FMScolor can be addressed software-independently by standard printing commands from Windows-based programs or via the proprietary CONTA-Sign software – technical staff is not required.

Posted on January 9, 2013 - (1196 views)
CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH
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33161 Hövelhof - Germany
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