DSM Computer GmbH and ABLE Design GmbH have merged

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The result of many years of cooperation

DSM Computer GmbH and ABLE Design GmbH have merged
DSM Computer GmbH and ABLE Design GmbH have merged

DSM Computer GmbH, a manufacturer of industrial computer systems, and ABLE Design GmbH, a display specialist, have now merged after many years of close cooperation. With the integration of ABLE Design, DSM Computer strengthens its core competency in the "industrial public display systems" area and can offer complete solutions for the industrial process visualization and professional digital signage systems. The conquest of new markets should help DSM in 2011, like last year, to achieve an above-average sales growth. The intensive cooperation of both companies in the past months has already allowed the first jointly-developed innovations to be presented.

Posted on February 22, 2011 - (13507 views)
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