ECOsine Active
ECOsine Active

ECOsine Active continuously measures and analyses disturbances in the power network and provides an exactly opposite compensation current. In doing so, the filter actively adapts to changing network topologies and responds in less than half a millisecond. The use of ECOsine Active supports the owner in complying with the stringent international harmonics standards as well as with local utility codes. At the same time the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, a potential overheating of transformers, motors, cables etc. is prevented, and the premature wear of electrical equipment is reduced. The improved power quality minimises the risk of downtimes and process interruptions, saves energy and money. ECOsine Active is easy to install and intuitive to operate.The 50 and 100A filters in IP20 design are ideal for panel integration, so they can, for example, be installed right by the non-linear load.The IP54 rating of the 300A unit provides protection against dust and environmental influences, suitable for harsh industrial applications.

Posted on April 1, 2009 - (240 views)
Schaffner Group
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4542 Luterbach - Switzerland
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