Visit Schaffner at SPS Drives 2020 Virtual Exhibition

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EMC/EMI filters will be showcased for regenerative drive applications

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Visit Schaffner at SPS Drives 2020 Virtual Exhibition
Visit Schaffner at SPS Drives 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Schaffner invites visitors no longer able to visit the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg to join them at their virtual exhibition stand. Schaffner has created their own digital exhibition including new releases such as their latest LCL filters (FN6840) and new versions of EMI/EMC Filters (FN3840). 

An easy to navigate, up-to-date virtual exhibition concept

The virtual exhibition will also feature the launch of a new IEC inlet (FN9274) for medical or isolated power supply applications, which provides product designers 2 MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) safety protection "out of the box", eliminating the requirement for any further EMC or isolation components

In order to visit the virtual exhibition customers should complete a simple online form to receive joining instructions before the 24th of November. The form can be found here.

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