Power Quality Simulator

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It can simulate complex networks and get rapid answers

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Power Quality Simulator
Power Quality Simulator

Schaffner has released SchaffnerPQS3, a major updated version of its power quality simulator. Using the free and intuitive SchaffnerPQS3 power quality topics such as harmonics caused by nonlinear loads can be quantified and documented comprehensively. Furthermore, realistic performance simulations of mitigation tools such as Schaffner ecosine power quality filters can be conducted.


SchaffnerPQS3 users can simulate complex power networks and get rapid answers on how to solve power quality issues with the help of the broad PQ product portfolio of the Schaffner Group. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive report functions and features compliance checking with all relevant international power quality standards.

Design and features 

Besides the refreshed new design, SchaffnerPQS3 is more robust, reliable, flexible and easier to use in comparison to the prior versions and it does feature the following upgrades:   

  • Back-end simulation engine power and accuracy improvement
  • Refreshed new GUI design, wiring by left click, delete function by delete button
  • Share projects with colleagues/partners by simply copying the URL link
  • Even more accurate AHF simulation model
  • Generator model included
  • Customer specific AC line chokes functionality now available
  • Schaffner 18-pulse autotransformer – “Mitigator” included.
Posted on September 5, 2016 - (1018 views)
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