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Energy / Data Transmission
Energy / Data Transmission

The two DIN rail enclosures RAILTEC B and RAILTEC C by OKW Gehäusesysteme have recently become more versatile thanks to aspecial BUS system. These are separate and individual combinations of components that guarantee fast and secure energy and data transmissionvia standardised top-hat rails. The complete system consistsof individual components: a BUS printed circuit board, the support profile, 1x battery clip block, a rail cover and 2 protective end caps. The latter are for securely fixing the support profile in the DIN rail and for protecting thebus ends. The support profile for the system is geared to match standard top-hat rails with a height of 7.5 mm and is available in the two lengths of 250 mm and 500 mm. The assembly process is simple and fast: the BUSprinted circuit board is inserted in the support profile and then in the standardised rail. The stable and secure connection between the 5-BUS printed circuit board and the device is established by means of the battery clip block with gold-plated double contacts, which is mounted on a separate printed circuit board inside the enclosure. Mechanical processing of the bottom part of the enclosure is necessary for installation. The rail cover is for protecting the printed conductors and can be individually shortened as required, for example when several enclosures are used on the DIN rail.

Posted on July 12, 2013 - (815 views)
Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH
Friedrich-List-Str. 3
74722 Buchen/Odenwald - Germany
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