Energy Media Event Italy 2014 – Smart Production

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A special event focusing on energy efficiency in industrial processes organized by TIMGlobal Media

Energy Media Event Italy 2014 – Smart Production
Energy Media Event Italy 2014 – Smart Production
Energy Media Event Italy 2014 – Smart Production
Energy Media Event Italy 2014 – Smart Production

By the virtue of ten-year experience in organizing vertical events for the industrial sector, TIMGlobal Media launches this year the first edition of Energy Media Events, two international conferences focusing on energy efficiency in industrial production processes. There will be two stages, respectively in Italy and in Germany, and the first will be held Wednesday, 22 October at Diageo, in the historical plant of Santa Vittoria d'Alba (Cuneo, Piedmont). 
Jointly organized by TIMGlobal Media and the European community EEIP - Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes, the Energy Media Events find in the corporate magazine Energy Efficiency Business & Industry their official media channel.

The conference will gather manufacturers of top solutions and technologies for energy efficiency, important end user companies, and the most relevant industrial associations engaged in promoting energy efficiency, thus becoming also part of the Road Show Industria Efficiente 2014 organized by ANIE Energia
Energy Media Events aim to involve only those experts, whose business concerns energy management in industrial production processes: Energy Managers, Plant Directors, Maintenance Managers and System Design Engineers. 

The format is that of a one-day seminar, during which energy efficiency case studies are discussed by end users, and energy efficiency solutions with their applications are presented by suppliers and manufacturers.

Here is a preview of speakers and topics of the conference, which will be continuously updated in the next weeks:

  • Chairman: Massimiliano Mana, Technical Manager at Diageo, presenting Diageo's background with An Overview on the upcoming energy efficiency projects
  • Ing. Davide Vancini, Energy Management Dept. INALCA - Gruppo Cremonini SpA will discuss Sustainable development as a competitiveness factor
  • Ing. Alfio Fontana, Energy & Maintenance Manager Carrefour, presenting a case study
  • Ing. Andrea Morandini, Energy Manager Cartiere del Garda - Lecta Group, will speak about Experiences in energy management and implementation of an energy management system in industry
  • Prof. Marco Villani, Energy and IT Dept. at Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, will report on High-efficiency electric motors: design and innovative technology solutions
  • Michele Santovito, AssoEGE President, presenting The Energy Audit in the industry sector
  • Umberto Meroni, Energy Manager, Fantoni Group Spa, will debate The competitive gap for energy intensive companies
  • ANIE Energia, which will also include the event in its Road Show Industria Efficiente 2014, will report on high-efficiency electric motors (norms and applications), low loss transformers, power factor correction, respectively.
  • Gianni Lorenzetti, CEO, La Bottega di Adò snc, presenting a case study
  • Ing. Paolo Colombo, ANIE Automazione, presenting Electric drives: a technology for energy efficiency
  • Davide Mariani, AssoEGE, will discuss The energy savings certificate as an instrument for promoting energy efficiency

All speeches will be delivered in Italian. You can preregister by clicking here

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