EtherCAT now a Korean National Standard

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"A further boost of the acceptance in this important manufacturing and engineering country"

EtherCAT now a Korean National Standard
EtherCAT now a Korean National Standard

The South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) has announced that EtherCAT was accepted as a Korean Industrial Standard (KS) by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. This marks the successful completion of a two-year effort driven by the Korean ETG office. Office manager Key Yoo led this vital initiative and also translated most of the 500-page EtherCAT specification. "We are glad that EtherCAT now has been promoted to a Korean National Standard. This is a major achievement for the local ETG team - particularly for Key Yoo. He has gone above and beyond and devoted a considerable amount of his own time to accomplish this, which speaks volumes about his passion for the technology and its acceptance in Korea," says Martin Rostan, Executive Director of the EtherCAT Technology Group. "Besides being a Korean Standard, having the EtherCAT specification in Korean will further boost the acceptance of the technology in this important manufacturing and engineering country."
Key Yoo, Manager of the ETG Office Korea, adds, "EtherCAT is no longer only a system bus of the largest Korean controls suppliers, but has made an inroad in the many important industries in our country, such as semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing, ship building, and robotics. Now that EtherCAT is a national standard, this makes it even easier for other Korean vendors and users to adopt the technology."

Posted on February 16, 2012 - (189 views)
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