ExxonMobil helps mining company save €19,000 per year on a single dump truck

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Bespoke lubrication solution helps increase uptime, cut costs and reduce enviromental footprint

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ExxonMobil helps mining company save €19,000 per year on a single dump truck
ExxonMobil helps mining company save €19,000 per year on a single dump truck

ExxonMobil field engineers helped South African mining company, Stefanutti Stocks (SS), save €19,000 per year on a single dump truck.

The team trialled a bespoke lubrication solution that combined Mobil Delvac™ MX 15W-40 heavy-duty diesel engine oil with a used oil analysis programme. This helped increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance SS’s environmental footprint.

SS identified lubricants as a potential means to improve operational efficiency, so the company called in ExxonMobil’s Field Engineering Services (FES) team, which conducted a three-month oil drain interval study using Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis. Following the trial, the FES team suggested switching SS’s Komatsu HD 465 rigid dump truck to Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40, an advanced heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

The change-over extended oil drain intervals from 250 to 1,000 operating hours, which cut the amount of time needed by engineers to replace oils by more than 38 hours – on a single truck. This reduced the chance of maintenance-related risks, increasing on-site safety. It also decreased SS’s environmental footprint by cutting oil consumption by more than 1,000 litres per year.

 “We are extremely proud to have been part of this trial,” said Jerome Christian, engineering manager at Stefanutti Stocks. “We look forward to exploring new solutions with the teams at ExxonMobil.”

Komatsu HD 465 rigid dump trucks have a nominal payload of 63 metric tonnes and a load capacity of 40m3.

For more information about Mobil-branded lubricants and services, visit mobilindustrial.com.

Posted on September 25, 2018 - (371 views)
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