Steel Mill Cuts Bearing Failures in Half Following Switch to Mobil™ Lubricant

Mobil Vacuoline™ 525 circulating oil helps operator save €71,000*

  • Steel Mill Cuts Bearing Failures in Half Following Switch to Mobil™ Lubricant
    Steel Mill Cuts Bearing Failures in Half Following Switch to Mobil™ Lubricant

A leading Turkish wire rod mill operator extended the life of the bearings in its monoblock rolling mill, following a switch to Mobil Vacuoline™ 525 circulating system oil.

The mill operator had experienced issues with its previous circulating oil, which was losing its demulsibility and wear protection. This triggered corrosion problems and bearing failures, resulting in costly, unscheduled production stoppages. The management of the plant approached ExxonMobil in the hope of identifying a suitable alternative.

ExxonMobil’s Field Engineering Services (FES) team visited the plant to assess the situation and develop a lubrication solution tailored to the plant’s needs. Based on previous experience, they recommended a switch to Mobil Vacuoline 525, a high performance circulating oil specifically formulated to cope with the harsh conditions found in rod mills.

Following the change, the wire rod mill reported a 48 per cent reduction in bearing failures, which alone resulted in an annual saving of €71,000. The move also cut associated maintenance expenditure, while the oil’s long-term property retention extended lubricant life, reducing disposal costs.

The high performance lubricant also helped reduce unplanned downtime and avoidable maintenance due to its formulation, which offers:

  • Good protection against rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding anti-wear performance
  • Excellent water separation characteristics
  • High resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation
  • Multiple application capability

“Bearing failures are among the leading causes of breakdowns at steel plants but the right lubrication solution can help to reduce the risk and maintain peak equipment performance,” said Hakan Incetahtaci, ExxonMobil Chief Engineer in Turkey. “We’re delighted to have worked with the team to help achieve these excellent results and savings.”

*This success story is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.